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March 12, 2019

I personally have been using Godaddy Domain for all of domain name purchases. I've used other websites before to buy a website domain, but what I love about godaddy outside of their incredible 24/7 support staff, is that they have an easy to use system online for searching and purchasing domain names.

With continual promotions for discounted domain pricing, an easy to use portal, and the ability to forward your domain to a different hosting platform but still keep it on godaddy, their prices are a steal and I highly recommend their services.

In this guide, i'll walk you through the entire name purchasing process with godaddy.com. As a result, you will learn how to secure a brand new domain name online.

Step 1: Developing a Domain Name

The first crucial step is to do some market research and make sure you're choosing a name that is easy to remember, matches your company vision, and establishes trust with your future readers. Just like selecting a color for your logo, determining the name of your domain is crucial and important.

The name of your URL in most cases will be the name of your company or brand. Therefore, we suggest keeping it small, simple and easy to remember.

If you need help coming up with a name idea, checkout the Shopify Business Name Generator Tool. It's a free online system that lets you check business names & domain name availability.

Once, you've nailed down a great name, it's time to search the online internet and see if its available to purchase. Simply, head over to godaddy's main website and search away!

Step 2: Godaddy Domain Check

Screenshot of godaddy's domain name checker

let's go ahead and check go daddy and make sure it's available. So I'm going to look for the name, IloveMacforever.com and see if that's available. And it is. And as we can see, it's $2 and 99 cents, which is fantastic.

So next I'm just going to click add to cart and that concludes checking to see if it's available. We know that it is, it tells us that it's available. So next, let's go ahead and go to our cart.

You will also, see a variety of other domain name types that you can buy. The great thing about godaddy, is sometimes they will bundle three or four domain names together and provide you a promotional offer that discounts all three of them. This is the power of using a system like godaddy.

Step 3: Other Godaddy Domain Features

There's a few options you see when you add the domain to your cart and click to go to the next page. Let's dive into a few of the extra features we see when continuing to our cart.

The Website Builder

Option to select Godaddy Website Builder in godaddy checkout

Godaddy has its own, easy to use website builder built into their platform. If you're looking for a simple drag & drop interface this is probably the best option for you. However, for me and this tutorial series, I'm going to show you how to build a website using WordPress. So I'm going to go ahead and unselect this option because I don't want to use their website builder. I'd rather use a more robust backend like WordPress. So we're going to go ahead and unselect that.

To learn more about the website builder and all of its features and glory, checkout the product page here.

Email Addon

screenshot of godaddy's email addon option through checkout

The next option down here is Godaddy would like to know if you want to go ahead and create custom email addresses, either through Google or Office365, which will give you custom emails like something like you@thedomain.com. I'm going to go ahead and, and again select no thanks. But if you'd like a step by step to set up custom email addresses go ahead and select a plan that makes sense for your business. I'm, actually going to use a different email provider and then we're just going to go ahead and click continue with these options. So that covers the basic godaddy domain features.

Step 4: Make Your Purchase

Before you make your purchase I want to discuss with you one last important feature. Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy

Screenshot of Godaddy's Domain Privacy in Checkout page

This is where we're going to talk about something really important, which is the, the privacy protection. So you're definitely gonna want domain privacy protection because when you actually buy a website domain, it's kind of like when you buy property or land or anything like that, the purchaser's name and contact information actually is publicly available online.

So what domain privacy protection does is it actually removes your information and it uses a standard company that you're paying this 9.99 a year or two who's actually, guarding your information to the public so that no one can just reach out to you. You're definitely going to want to want this because it protects your identity, and doesn't allow any random stranger to just reach out to you, to try to ask you to buy your domain or, or send you some spam or something like that. So you definitely wanna do that. It's only $9 a year.

Step 5: Use Your Domain

Once you've purchased you will receive an email confirmation and you're good to go, baby! Congratulations, you've purchased a website domain.

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